Own production

Floor squeegees have been produced at HEVA since 1938
Everything started when Henri Vanzeebroeck started the production of wooden floor squeegees under the brand HEVA (HEnri VAnzeebroeck).
Soon followed by floor squeegees in metal in various models.
Due to the professionalisation in the hygiene sector, HEVA was one of the first to develop a new line of floor squeegees made of polypropylene, especially designed for the food industry. The INDUSTRA FOOD was born. These floor squeegees are still highly

appreciated by the professionals because we only use the best available materials.
In recent years, the production was extended with hygienic brushes.
Currently, we have 8 moulds in use for the production of plastic brush blocks on our machines.
In the coming months, 4 additional moulds will be brought into use for the production of:
* a new floor squeegee, the HEVA FLEX
* force cups110 mm and 145 mm in TPE
* an accompanying ergonomic handle.


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