Customer comments

The most important things for me are wide range, quality of products, logistics flow and price. In an ideal scenario, there is 48 hours between placing an order and the delivery. 72 hours I find still acceptable and 5 days I see as the absolute maximum. The current ordering process is running well. I would definitely recommend HEVA as it is a company that is correct and does what they are supposed to do, just like the products.

Fabrice feels that there is a very good cooperation with HEVA. HEVA is very proactive in the service they offer. (Proactive approach around proposing new products.) In addition, there is also a good administrative follow-up from HEVA and he never has any complaints about this. What is important to him is the good service in combination with a good price-quality ratio. He would definitely recommend HEVA.

Thanks for the sample, we have done the tests and this is really the product we want.

We would like to work with HEVA for Latex and Nitrile gloves in large quantities. We are told by colleagues that these are really super.


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