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HEVA (°1938 - HEnri VAnzeebroeck) focuses on a wide range of consumer goods, partly own production - partly direct import. 

Our target groups:
* distributors and wholesalers in the professional cleaning sector, who appreciate our products in terms of quality and value
* RETAIL who demand large volumes and punctual deliveries
* Purchasing groups, do-it-yourself stores
* Web shops that follow the current trends
* market stallholders who have their finger on the pulse of society
* specials, because it's fun, e.g. distributors to hotel chains (slippers, soaps, ...)

Geographical region:
* Radius of 1 000 km around Brussels
* Container export worldwide

And this with the following
* Family business with flat structure
* Product and supplier knowledge in the products we offer
* Own production with 2 injection moulding machines, mainly for HACCP purposes
* competitive price/quality ratio through targeted purchasing and underlying volumes. (in 2020 we will import 150 containers or 265 TEU)
* old fashion (hot water bottles) and future-oriented products (Bamboo microfibre cloths, sustainable self-produced floor wipers)
* Always up for a challenge
* We do not strive for growth, but for a correct customer-supplier relationship. The growth is only a pleasant consequence.

* In the short term, building new storage space to keep up with the continuous growth.
* allowing the company to grow along with the increasing demand and further digitalisation
* expand own product ranges


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