Our squeegees are FOOD approved to be used in the food sector.

Our products are REACH compliant.

REACH is a system for registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals produced or imported in the EU. The name ' REACH ' means Registration , Evaluation , Authorisation of Chemicals . This system is effective since June 1, 2007. There is also a list of dangerous substances ( eg carcinogenic ). These substances should be excluded.
The importance for consumers is that there are eg no hazardous substances in the finished product.
If we are in doubt, we let test the products in Belgium by an accredited laboratory . So , we have tested some of our mats in 2013 and they are approved by CENTEXBEL .

We find it important that our products are manufactured in a correct way. We will therefore as much as possible visit ourselves the manufacturers on the spot.
The products produced in India ( rubber and coir mats) are manufactured according to the standard for fair working conditions BSCI . ( Business Social Compliance Initiative ) .